Seedless grapes have a name ...



Memos grapes come from the region of Corinth in Greece.

The Memos grapes are carefully handpicked and graded by our dedicated staff. In so doing, we ensure that only the pick of the sun matured crop, those with the best taste and rich in vitamins are provided to our costumers.

The harvest time runs fron September until November. The Memos grapes are picked, packed and transported daily, so that we can guarantee freshness and quality for our costumers.

Grapes deliver fast energy and are rich in glucose, potassium, phosphorus, iron as well as the vitamins B and C. In other words, everything the body needs on a daily basis.

Thompson seedless is the type of vine with the biggest acreage worldwide: almost 440,000 hectares. Of this, California and Turkey lead the way with 110,000 hectares each, followed by Iran with 50,000 hectares, Greece with 25,000 hectares, Chile with 20,000 hectares, Australia with 16,000 hectares, Syria with 12,000 hectares, South Africa with 11,800 hectares and China and Iraq with 10,000 hectares each.

The American William Thompson first has introduced this type of vine in California, hence the name. However, it is thought that the true origin of the Thompson seedless is the eastern Mediterranean.

The Thompson seedless prospers very well in warm, dry areas and delivers pale green, perfectly oval seedless grapes.

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